After the design


So I’ve basically only been covering design theories and how a site should look based on the audience. However, I wanted to search words that designers/web creators should and should not use on their site. I found a site that talks about certain words that could possibly increase web activity!

First, for companies that are selling a product, these are words that, according to research, increase web traffic.

  1. alleviate
  2. avoid
  3. bargain
  4. best
  5. bonus
  6. coupon
  7. gain
  8. get rid of
  9. heal
  10. new
  11. prevent
  12. restore
  13. reviews
  14. training
  15. scam

According to orbitmedia, “As Google evolves, search results are based less on specific phrases and based more on general meanings. This benefits websites that have sections of many pages relevant to the wider topic, all related and interlinked. Creating several pages using buyer keywords helps indicate that your site is relevant for the broader, semantic meaning.” This means that as a designer, it is important to know certain keywords and phrases that can attract attention.

Another piece of information that can help people when designing their site is thinking about clever headlines. According to orbitmedia, these are a few words that have created viral posts.

  1. smart
  2. surprising
  3. science
  4. history
  5. hacks
  6. huge
  7. critical

The article goes on to talk about words that can help gain retweets on Twitter, or what a subject line should look like for an email. It’s crazy to think how certain words can change the game.