Designer Videos


I want to keep some videos on file that I can come back to to learn how to use design tools on programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Below are a few Youtubers who have the skills!

Stephen is the creator of the Graphic Designer Tips YouTube channel, which is one of the best online resources for learning Adobe Muse, and Adobe Illustrator, as well as the overall Logo Design and Print Layout Design process. What makes Stephen’s channel unique are his series. Stephen has multiple 20 video deep playlist walking you through projects from start to finish. (

Shawn Barry has created some of the most in depth and well-produced content for learning the principles of Graphic Design. Shawn is a Designer from Canada and has been an agency Creative Director and brings that experience to the table through his content. Shawn’s design lectures are a must for anyone trying to build a strong foundation of design knowledge and develop a true eye for design and visual communication. (

Logo designer Will Paterson is a very popular and easygoing UK Design YouTube creator who primarily focuses on logo design, Brand Identity and Adobe Illustrator. Will’s videos inject a lot of humor in addition to great information that is easy to consume and understand regardless of your experience level. His personality has made him a favorite channel for many designers. (


Think about what kinds of products you want to own:


Thinking about the products I would want to own as a freelance web designer I would probably want to purchase the creative cloud for InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. Out of school, this costs $49.99 a month, or $69.99 a month depending on the services I want.

According to, there are several different programs that are similar to Adobe illustrator that I can consider. Sketch is an editor that has a large set of web options such as the ability to copy CSS styles directly to the the clipboard. Like photoshop, there are multiple artboards, with tools such as drop shadows, fills, gradients. Affinity Designer is also an option, and can be tried out for free.

For alternatives to InDesign, Scribus uses grids, frames, and layers for PDFs. Personally, I use InDesign as an editor for the school newspaper, so having this would help me gain skills to format a page for print if need be.

A Photoshop alternative is GIMP, a free open source photo editor that is said to be easy to use. With drawing tools, layers, and other editing options, GIMP is a gift for freelance web designers.

Considering photography equipment, I already own a white sheet and black sheet that is meant for photographs. I also have the right lighting equipment for photos. I got this for Christmas, along with a Nikon 5000 camera. I’ve also recently gotten different lenses for depth and perception photos. In the future, I want to invest in a tripod to make my images steady.

Decide on the elements that you might include


I want to use illustrator and photoshop along with images of my own for a site that I will design. This site, has a handful of styleguide examples that I could follow. I don’t think I will make one, I think I would love to comply with an existing one. This way, I could take one and tweak it to how I want it to look. I’m really interested in bootstrap. This is an easy style guide that I can manipulate to have it look a certain way, no matter the style guide I begin with. On this site, I found a Bootstrap website (, in this site there are a bunch of examples with bootstrap websites that have either a starter template, specific themes, grids, jumbotrons, and all sorts of other components that can be added to the site. ( I would definetly refer to this site when I begin to create a site of my own.