Do you want to include usability testing? UX Testing?


Based on my research, I think it would be a smart idea to have usability testing to get another set of eyes or a perspective on how users will use my site. For example, for the most recent project I created a website without considering people who might look at the site on a mobile device. Usability is necessary because it is proven to decrease support costs, increase user satisfaction, and save on development and redesign efforts (

Another reason I think usability testing is needed for web design is because  it measures behavior, not preference. This can help me to understand what best supports the user’s goals and motivations.

Usability testing can make the site successful because it is an extra step that puts the users first. “The biggest challenge a website manager has is to understand how humans work, not how content management software or search engines work” (

CMS wire refers to usability testing as a dire step for a website’s designed success. A website can be designed beautifully and colorfully, but that’s not the purpose of the site in the end. It all depends on the audience and the user’s experience.

“User behavior can change depending [on] the age, experience and interest of the user.” A great reason for usability testing. If I make a website on Veganism, I have to expect audiences of all types to understand what it is, and without user behavior in mind, I have practically just made a website for myself.