Photography – why is it important?


According to squaremarket, pictures can make or break a company/industry website.

Pictures are typically images that represent a business. Some common mistakes that many businesses make is using something generic. Squaremarket recommends pictures of people who represent the company’s best prospects. The article goes on to explain that the pictures and the messaging on a home page should work together harmoniously. Pictures on the secondary pages are less important because “people pay far less attention to these.” Secondary page images are used to break up the text and create visual appeal. Something that is becoming more popular are graphics, or infographics. Businesses are constantly telling stories in their marketing. That means their website should be their ultimate story teller. Graphics, especially infographics, provide a lot of information in an interesting and efficient manner, allowing visitors to get a complete story from a single image.

Although this article was helpful, I would like to learn more about photographs that people can use, or maybe even illustrations or animations – how far can a designer go?


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