One-Page Wonder


So I started to create my website a bit too late, it’s due tonight. This made me think of creative ways to design a portfolio. I wanted to make a one-page portfolio, similar to a design I saw when I was comparing weebly, wix and squarespace. According to, Divi’s single-page sidebar navigation makes it easy. When you create a new page, you can easily enable “Divi’s Single Page” navigation option, giving any visitors a visual and clickable representation of their progress on the page. You can also use custom anchor links and Section ID’s to create one-page menus for the complete One-Page package. Enabling a one-page navigation is actually easy, and it can be done on a per-page basis. Whenever you create or edit a page, I have to go to the “Divi Settings” box to the right of the text editor. Within this box is a side navigation option. I just need to select “On” from the dropdown menu, and then save the page. Now there is a floating navigation bar has been added to the right side of the page.

The side navigation bar automatically adds a clickable link to each section on the page. When I want to add a new section, a new circle link will be added automatically to the floating side nav. Users can click the circles to skip to different sections on the page. It also makes it easier to identify where the visitor is on the page, makes long-format pages easier to understand and navigation!


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