Websites for Kids


After all my research on websites for businesses and portfolios, I didn’t think about kids as an audience. I thought about what designs are trending for children, and how do designers know what to add? Smashing Magazine has the answers.

According to them, websites designed for children have been largely overlooked in Web design articles, “but there are many beautiful and interesting design elements and layouts presented on children’s websites that are worthy of discussion and analysis.” The first step to designing a site for a kid is thinking about the 5 senses. “Humans are mentally stimulated by a number of factors, and this is especially true with children.” This means that successful children’s websites use a number of elements and design principles that create an environment suited for a child’s personality and interests. Such as bright, vivid colors, or the characters’ body language on the screen. Something I never thought of was to add elements of nature, “because children’s experiences in life are limited, some of the things they are most familiar with are found in nature.” Natural elements such as trees, water, snow, and animals are used in a lot of children’s websites. Smashing Magazine also notes that i many cases nature elements are overemphasized through size or simplicity of design. Another thing to consider is large fonts and images. “Large design elements have proved to be effective in all types of Web design, demonstrated by the fact that large typography, large buttons, and large call-to-action areas have become commonplace in modern design.” This means that because children are naturally drawn to simple and obvious objects websites designed for children will increase their effectiveness through the use of large design elements. This seems like a fun task, maybe I’ll make my next project one for kids.


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