Website Builders


I thought about what other website builder tools would be helpful in the job market. I searched the most popular business website builders to learn about them in case I need to gain skills and learn how to use them. The top choice is because it is considered to be the most flexible with the widest variety of templates and features. They are known for their professional and functional web designing. Their global user base, open SDK, and unparalleled design capabilities create a unique place to make a site that is easy for partners, developers, web designers, and other online professionals. I have had experience in using this website builder, however, I do find it to be a bit difficult at times to find the right font I want. Squarespace is the second choice on the list, which I have used for all of my projects in a class I took last semester to make a website for a small business. I found this site to be extremely difficult to use, however it has a nice clean look to it because of the design features. It also becomes difficult to add pages because there is a limit to the plan you choose. The third most popular website builder for businesses is weebly. This is said to be the easiest builder out there for those who want a website up in a day. I have used weebly in the past, but I do think it looks to crafty and not as professional as squarespace does. For example, this site looks like a high school project, whereas this site looks more modern and sleek. In my next post, I plan to find the best and worst websites that were made using all three of these builders.


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