Website Builder Winner


For me, I would choose wix just because it has a lot more templates to choose from, which I think is the beginning and end of a great website. The best thing about their templates is that they are completely built out already and are very professional looking. All you have to do is just pick a design that works for you, put in your own pictures, and other information.  The website layout and designs are all done already.  This means I won’t have to spend time building or trying to be creative, as the templates have literally done all the creative work for me already. The only downfall here is that changing templates means that all the work I have done on it will be gone forever.

Wix also gives you a lot of advanced controls over their elements, meaning you can have a lot of different styling options. In addition, Wix is always updating and getting more innovative features on a monthly basis, making it a progressive choice. I liked the websites I visited because they are unique and different. Because Wix gives you more design and features flexibility when it comes to their elements it could slow down my website loading speed, increase the number of people abandoning my website, which is never what I want. In the end, there won’t ever be a perfect site to choose to build what I want, but I think Wix is the closest to something I can handle and definetly learn for future careers.


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