Vegan Websites


As a recent vegan, I wonder about where they go to find the best recipes and ideas to keep up with their diet. Maybe there are well-designed websites out there that accommodate. Let’s find out.

Due to my research, most of the sites I found are blogs by other vegans. This is how great websites start, though! I found , which uses flat-designed eggplant as their icon, titled “Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.” She uses the purple in the eggplant in her font as well, and light blues on top of a white background. This is specifically for vegan recipes, with images and a “read more.” “Diet, Desserts, and Dogs,” is a website with a host, Ricki Heller. She posts almost daily about her healthy lifestyle, whether it be tricks and tips or whether it’s ok to cheat on diets. We can clearly see her excited face in each of her videos. This already gives off a welcoming, friendly vibe. I’m interested in hearing what she has to say about being vegan because she clearly takes a lot of time out of her day to share her insight. My only issue is her colors, a blue and orange theme, as well as the horrendous amount of ads on the sides.

This is more of a food journal, which I like because it shows a picture of the food the blogger is trying herself, and giving us a review on it. She also adds some of her personality to her entries, which again, I enjoy because it feels more personal.


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