Campaign Websites


So I realized that I mostly only know how to design websites based on a mainstream audience, which is people my age or older. But I only recently thought of specific audiences, such as children for their websites for games or even people that need to travel somewhere. But what about political campaign websites?

I searched ideas on what are the most important elements to include in a political campaign website, and this is what I found.

According to a blogger on Brick Factory, there are five great campaign websites that he considers the most effective. First, he talks about Ed Gillespie (R-VA), and his campaign from 2014. He believes that Gillespie had the right idea with his use of photography and the site’s responsiveness. But, he does criticize the video that comes on as soon as you visit the site because it throws off the viewer and makes them think that it was just put there randomly. But what about the political aspects did he like? He mentioned that the Take Action bar on the left that encourages users to volunteer, donate, share or sign up for the email list. It is unique and nicely implemented, just as it should be for a campaign website. Nathan Deal is fourth on the list with his campaign website. This includes bold photography and minimal text, which the blogger believes will always work. What I’m noticing among these sites is the theme of using red, white and blue along with bolded words that have a lot of meaning for their campaign, such as “Donate,” or “Volunteer,” or even their slogan, such as “We can Do better.” From these examples, I can tell that designing a political campaign website relies heavily on appropriate photography with the person running, as well as them actively out and speaking to individuals. I also think that color themes are crucial because, as I have learned in my other classes, colors can make or break a site depending on the shades and blends that you use. Clearly, light greens, blues, whites and browns are usually a go-to. It’s interesting to think about designing a website for a campaign – never considered it to be a future career for me!


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