Best Squarespace Sites


After learning that Squarespace has a lot to offer for businesses that want to create a website, I decided to find the best examples out there of a well designed Squarespace. I have experience in this website builder because I had to do several projects in the past that required re-designing a business’s website according to design elements like contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity as well as user-friendly design. Squarespace was the best option because it has 12 templates you can choose from and design from the ground up based on that template. However, I think that a negative aspect of this builder is that if you want to change the template, your content will disappear.

According to, these are two of the top ten websites that people have made using squarespace:

This website has simple designs, with flat images, which we have learned how to do in our online design class. This website’s main goal is to be a portfolio of his illustrations, or his flat design images. It’s easy to navigate his site because of the navigation bar he has as well as the key words that lead the user to where they want to go. He clearly takes advantage of squarespace’s design tools because when you create a page you select from a box of different elements you can add to the page, and it’s just one easy click. From videos, slideshows to putting a product up for sale, it’s easy to make it look like the site was designed by a professional. The next thing you need to do is decide where it goes on the page according to columns. Based on what I know about Squarespace, I can tell that this designer knew how he wanted to lay out his artwork, in such a way that it’s easy for him and for us to enjoy.

Going through all of these sites, there is a clear theme that using Squarespace for showcasing artwork is the most popular. This website is similar to the last in that she is using the space on the page to show her art. However, it is clear that the theme/template is much different because of the size of the images as well as the white space around them. Her front page is a continuous, ongoing grid switching back and forth from two to one column of her art. This is a simplistic style and a clever way to show her art because it speaks for itself. All she needs at the top of her page is a “about” and “news” page. Although, I would have liked to see a “contact” page.


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