Inspiration Log 28


As soon as I arrive in Ireland, I will want to find a car to rent because most of the travel in Ireland requires driving from place to place. According to ( the best site to use is Upon visiting the site, I notice that the colors are similar to that of There is a theme of red, black and white. Again, I don’t think red would be a great choice, maybe more greens and browns to provide a calmer experience. This site not only provides rental car information, but also information on hotels and flights. However, it is notoriously known for renting cars. This site is organized very similarly to because it has a search box where a traveler can enter their destination and time of travel into on the left side of the homepage. There is an option of searching for cars, hotels and flights in this box (figure 1). Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.07.22 PM

figure 1 (

The problem here is the options to choose a flight and hotel, or flight, hotel and car. This could easily be fixed and more organized so that the user can choose what they want step-by-step. When choosing cars, it asks for a pickup, or an airport to retrieve the car. Then, it shows what travelers would want to know, how expensive their options are. Then, on top of that information, there is information on what the car provides for drivers including air conditioning, music, how many people and luggage it can fit. However, similar to, the website does not consider the needs of a disabled person or someone who needs a GPS.


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