Inspiration log 27


For my trip to Ireland, I need to find multiple hotels or places to lodge because of how vast and large the country is. On ( the best and easiest site to find a hotel in a stress-free way is Immediately, the site is off-putting because of the use of colors. The site is made up of reds and blacks. Based on my research and the courses I have taken, red can be a stressful and intimidating color. While searching for hotels, the last thing I want is an uncomfortable experience. The first thing I see is a man on the right side of the page over top of a photograph of a city during dusk. He looks like a captain, and is also wearing red. Overtop of him is a quote that I assume he has said, “ is a site for finding hotels. – Captain Obvious.” I’m not really sure as a user what is purpose is or why being named Captain Obvious will make me feel better about finding a hotel, but to the left of him is a small transparent box to search for what I am looking for in terms of my destination, landmark, or address and for how long as well as the size of the room. What if I want to bring a pet? Or maybe I have a disability that I need to include. Right away, I entered Ireland as well as the dates and the people in this bar (figure 1).

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.53.29 PM

figure 1 (

As soon as this information is entered, I am given the deal of the day, which provides a room for what I want in Dublin, Ireland, however it doesn’t ask me about if I want to bring a pet or if I have a disability. There are many ways to filter what can appear, for example, by price, by rating, by distance, and of course by what the site recommends. I am overwhelmed by the side bar filters as well as the filters on the top of the page, and even the numerous colors from yellow, red, purple, green and blue. Also, there are clearly 6 different font sizes used throughout the website, which makes reading the site difficult and inconsistent.


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