YouTube Advice


I have learned a lot from YouTube over the years. How to do my makeup, how to braid my hair, how to put a shelf in the wall. So why not pick up some web design skills from a Youtuber? I found this insightful video on important skills I should know as a web designer.

There are three skills that this almost too calm man says are necessary to keep in mind. Empathy, Awareness, and Grit.

Empathy is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of another person. This applies to the industry, as he explains, because we should understand why trends became trends in the first place. For example, he stresses that we ask clients “what need does this design fill for you?” “Why is this trend a logical solution to the problem we want to solve?” He says that to make things for people, we have to understand those people, we have to empathize with them.

Awareness is part of a web designer’s career because it helps us to recognize our strengths and weakenesses and being able to work off of them. He says that this helps us to not take our mistakes too seriously and to take those moments as a time to push ourselves to be better. Being aware gives us the confidence to know what we want when designing. “You know what you’re capable of and you know what you need help with.”

Grit applies to the industry because it has to do with not giving up and staying true to your craft and abilities without getting discouraged. He says that it’s important to push through criticism and learn from it rather than let it knock you down. “Sometimes your biggest critic can be yourself.”


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