The Pro’s Guide to UI Design


Creativebloq is a great place to find articles and advice on the world of web design. An experienced UI designer gives readers the low-down on what it’s like to be a user interface designer. He breaks down the work into four categories: you communicate with the client, you research, you design and prototype, and you communicate with the developers. Client communication is about understanding the client’s problem, the goal is to have an idea about what the client’s business is. This is a time where we as the designers ask a lot of questions to become an expert on their industry. “A tip for your own happiness here: choose the industries you work for wisely, so you don’t end up being an expert in something you don’t care about or have an interest in.”

The next phase is research, where I will have to do a lot of field studies, workshops with the client as well as analyze the competition. This step is necessary because it informs me on my design choices and can help me in the future when I need to explain why I made certain design choices.

Design and prototyping is when I sketch it out or start to code. This is where he talks about the editing tools he prefers to use, and mentions that everyone has a different place they like to go to for this step. “Being able to use the Adobe Creative Suite and apps like Sketch competently is the equivalent of being able to use a pencil to draw or a brush to paint.”

The final step is developer communication, which is a process of detailed specifications, provided assets, as well as reviewing the design with the client. “The best designers know the challenge isn’t in creating the design, but in communicating it – not only to the stakeholders who have to give their approval, but also to the developers who have to implement it.”


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