Inspiration Web


There is a website that I found that’s purpose is to inspire web designers and entrepreneurs  with web designs and templates all over the internet ( It includes fonts, templates, mockups, icons, vectors, textures, graphics, and more. serves the same purpose, except they showcase more interactive design and have a directory to find agencies. is another place to mark as a place to stop and look for people who may experience a creative block. Believe it or not, is yet another destination for inspirations on web design and trends that a designer might want to visit for an extra push on a project. And, of course, there is pinterest, filled with pinned templates and website designs that someone could come across to help them make that first step in creating a website. Of these websites, I enjoy the the most because it has a random generator of websites that anyone can look at. I also keeps the sites organized on variety and not just one specific style that stands out online today. These are all important places to bookmark in case I am in need of inspirational creative design when I become a freelance web designer.


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