Design Trends 2017


This article on discusses the newest trends in this early 2017 year. Apparently, design trends are influenced by media, technology, the fashion industry and lately more on usability. The first on the list is Semi Flat Design with the use of light shadows. Smooth shading adds a depth and complexity without destroying the flat design feeling. Semi Flat Design is considered a minimalist style that looks clean and slick for any business type. Something I LOVE that they talk about next are cinemagraphs. This is similar to a gif but is considered a still image with minor elements moving in them (image below). 4d3e4747810259-58863b7e71968

Next to cinematography there is animation, something that continues to be a trend  on web design and across other types of media. Geometric shapes, patterns, lines and circles are also trending that are usually edited to have a flat or soft shadow.

I’m happy to see that “courageous colors” are on this list. The author encourages us to use bold colors to make a statement, especially with flat design.

This site helped me in finding the name for what I thought was multiple layers on a site that creates a three-dimensional look to the page. A parallax can have infinite layers to look like it’s moving on the page. This is a WordPress Plugin that allows sections to have more than one layer (image below). 4b4b1f47810259-588ee15a84023

Color transitions is considered to be a big trend for 2017. The site uses Instagram as an example of a multi-colored transition that has pinks and purples. Also, the site discusses the use of neutral space and grids, something I have used in past projects because of it’s modern look.


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