What they are looking for

image: pexels.com

This is sort of a “Part Two” post of tips for web designers, but it also talks about what businesses/industry’s are looking for in web designers. However, the first tip on an article about hiring a web designer on cio.com talks about knowing what they want, what type of website they want and what message they have. This reminds me of our inspiration logs, we do them to know what we like and read up on things that we want. The article I found is from a business perspective, someone who is looking to hire me!  “Before you go looking for someone to design your website, make “a list of websites you like and admire and why you like them…Pick a few you like for their aesthetic….others for their workflow, maybe others for their function. This will help designers know your taste and goals.”

Another tip for businesses is to look for someone who “has designed for [their] platform or CMS.” This could be either WordPress or Squarespace. The article also mentions the need to understand how to meet deadlines. This is crucial in being a freelance web designer because it could cost your credibility and trust with the business. Another thing I noticed was that there are portfolio sites that businesses go to to view web designers’ work, which I will talk about in my next post.



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