Never too late to learn new skills


I wanted to see what else there was out there on the web that can help me to become a freelancer in web design. What skills should I know? What tricks can make me stand out? I checked out the webdesignerdepot and found out that there are several things I need to “master” before I can go on. It’s important to know the basics, which is how to properly use color, flow, balance and proportion, and spacing. Color is crucial because it creates a message all in itself. “It works on the psychological, where colors influence how a site visitor views his user experience.” Flow is related to movement, and balance and proportion means stability, or if everything is consistently symmetrical or asymmetrical. Spacing is necessary to make the elements look like they are able to “breath” so to speak.

The list goes on to knowing HTML “like the back of your hand,” which I’m currently learning in our Online Design class. A tip I like the best is “committing to constant learning.” I believe there are always new things to learn in this field. By learning more, I have something greater to offer as an artist. It’ll allow me to expand my creativity and skills to improve. This makes sense because there are always new design trends that businesses want to follow.

In the end, the author reminds web designers to stay true to our passion and reach our “zen.” “The more you work on things that go beyond merely just design, the more you become a much, much better web designer. And that’s when you start to penetrate through to master status.”



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