Dribbble and Behance

image: pexels.com

Dribbble is showcases user-made artwork and also works as a networking platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, etc. Its basically an online portfolio that designers and teams of designers can use to show businesses or people looking to have a website. An example I stumbled upon is a designer named Teaori, who has a description of what he does and offers as a freelancer. He does “eye candy” for web design and mobile apps. On his page is a gallery of design templates with sample pages attached to each widget and a downloadable color palette if you like what he has. Because he is actively posting new ideas and samples, he seems like a great candidate to hire.

Behance is similar, except there are tabs to discover design trends and there is a way to filter a search based on color palettes. This site is a bit harder to navigate than Dribbble because there are many different navigation bars to choose from. I enjoy this site more though because there are a lot of things to look at, not just portfolios. For example, there are articles on photography trends and designs made based on film festivals and a sample template of just Youtube thumbnails. It’s a place where I can find a lot of creative ideas and inspirational pages.


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