Divi Builder

image: pexels

In our class we have talked about using the Divi Builder as a theme for our next project. The theme is used on WordPress and is meant to be an easy drag and drop layout. The builder can be designed in sections, rows and modules. Sections are the largest building blocks used to create the top-level areas in a website. The two types of sections are regular and full width. Regular sections consist of column rows whereas full width sections are made up of full width modules. Modules are visual elements, such as images and videos. Modules in Divi can fit in any column width and are responsive as well. An infinite amount of wows can sit inside of sections, and there are even many different row types to choose from.

There are many examples of the Divi Builder on elegantthemes.com. One that catches my eye is http://findabilitysciences.com/ because of the use of space. I think that the two layered background gives the site a three-dimensional look, which fits to the company. Another site that uses the Divi Builder is Dan Carr Photography. (http://dancarrphotography.com/) This site also uses the space in a way to showcase their photos, making sure that the photos remain the main subject of each page.


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