After working on Bootstrap for our first project, I have become inspired by other Bootstrap sites and want to learn how to manipulate my designs to look like these do:

This site has a slideshow if images as the background with a gradient over the lower half of the home page with written content in a simple font. It’s clear that architects would want a simple, black and white site with minimalist design so that they’re photos could sell themselves. The only thing I don’t like about the site is that they’re navigation links turn into a weird neon green color when I hover over the links.

Just like the site above, they use they’re bootstrap to  have a huge slideshow of images, except this takes up the whole homepage. I am a huge image person, especially with today’s trends. I really like the colors in the images because they all go together, greens, browns, dark purples and dark reds. It gives me the impression that they have wholesome ingredients and products without even looking at what the site is for. When I scroll down, the second part of the homepage is a grid of images that flip over, almost as if they are three-dimensional. Each box in the grid has an interactive button to learn more about the images or about the kitchen. On top of the images is a header and a little svg image, clearly made in either illustrator or photoshop. I was surprised to find that this website had more to it’s homepage than a continuous slideshow. Definetly one of my favorite parts about Bootstrap.

This site is organized in columns, each column a different size, color and with different content. It’s like three websites side by side vertically. Although this can be overwhelming, I appreciate the style because of the purpose of the site. It’s about San Francisco Art, and the variety of art that the city holds.



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