Think about what programs you could learn that would make you more savvy about the industry…


According to, Adobe Kuler can be a great addition for web designers to learn. This allows designers to upload, create and edit color schemes! Another program is Pictactulous, a free palette generator that takes colors from uploaded images that can create a color scheme.

Google Webfonts is an easy and free place to get web fonts, as well as font squirrel.

But here is where it gets cooler, GuideGuide is a free photoshop extension that allows you to create grids on the fly. “By using GuideGuide you can create more accurate columns,rows, midpoints, and baselines with one click.” Then, there are code editors like CODA 2 that can make coding for the web a breeze.

I also want to consider FTP clients, and according to webdesignerdepot, the best is CYBERDUCK at $23.99. It is a platform that has ways to connect web servers, local servers, and more.


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