How easy is it to migrate a site on your top three—do a search…


  1. SiteGround: For SiteGround, there is a tutorial on how to transfer wordpress to a new host. ( Basically, all that needs to be done are the three steps from my previous blog post. Move the files, move the database and reconfiguration. In order to move WordPress files, you have to use FTP which moves the files of the application first to a local computer and then lets a person upload them on the new account. In terms of reconfiguration, you have to reconfigure your WordPress application to work from the new hosting site. However, if the domain name of the site is changed than additional reconfiguration is required.
  1. iPage: Just like SiteGround, iPage has a tutorial on how to transfer their site to iPage. ( However, this site has two options to transfer a site. The first option is to transfer the domain name of the website to iPage’s domain registrar.The second option is to transfer the entire website including the databases and files used by the site. iPage also goes over how to transfer files with an FTP.
  1. Bluehost: ( Bluehost organizes the migration of a site in terms of what you need, accessing the file manager, copying the files, and updating the URL. First, in order to move a WordPress site, a person must have a username and password for the Bluehost account. Then, the person needs to know the current location/folder/url of the wordpress site as well as the destination/folder/url of the wordpress site. In order to access the file manager, the person logs into their bluehost cpanel account, clicks the hosting tab, clicks cpanel and finds the file manager icon on the files section. This action leads to copying the files to the destination directory. Updating the URL is optional!

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