Decide on the elements that you might include


I want to use illustrator and photoshop along with images of my own for a site that I will design. This site, has a handful of styleguide examples that I could follow. I don’t think I will make one, I think I would love to comply with an existing one. This way, I could take one and tweak it to how I want it to look. I’m really interested in bootstrap. This is an easy style guide that I can manipulate to have it look a certain way, no matter the style guide I begin with. On this site, I found a Bootstrap website (, in this site there are a bunch of examples with bootstrap websites that have either a starter template, specific themes, grids, jumbotrons, and all sorts of other components that can be added to the site. ( I would definetly refer to this site when I begin to create a site of my own.


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